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Firemansteve has been trading regularly since 2007, starting in the stock market, Then later getting into crypto in 2011 purchasing Bitcoin. He has extensive experience in stock/company analytics. You can often hear him talking about his daily trades. He likes to use options based on

Justin Curran (Vicengineer)

Justin has worked in the post-secondary adult education sector for a decade, instructing at a local college in the field of Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology. Justin holds a Master of Applied Science in Mechanical Engineering with a Focus on Aerospace, a Bachelor of Electrical

Viking Jesse

Viking Jesse has an extensive background in computer components and application-specific integrated circuit devices, and as an avid enthusiast in these fields he started mining cryptocurrencies in 2014. With the success of his earlier days in mining he then developed further interest in all aspects


He mined BTC with his CPU the whole half week it was possible. Then jumped out of crypto until just before the January 2021 Doge run. He’s Abu. Together with the others at the Alpha Exchange he’s here to help people gain the knowledge needed

Mike Jones

Mike Jones was Born in New England in 1978. Mike lives in Massachusetts and enjoys Motorcycles and all things computer related. Mike has minimal higher education training within the Computer/Finance sector. He attended Porter And Chester Institute of Technology and Graduated in 2016.Mainly self taught,


Milhouse is a cryptocurrency enthusiast, NFT Expert and a digital artist with many years of experience. Born and raised in Los Angeles, California, Milhouse made the risky decision to drop out of school in 6th grade to begin his career in software development and digital