Firemansteve has been trading regularly since 2007, starting in the stock market, Then later getting into crypto in 2011 purchasing Bitcoin. He has extensive experience in stock/company analytics. You can often hear him talking about his daily trades. He likes to use options based on his research and the community is often praising him for his good calls.

Steve also has years of experience doing technical analysis on different equities. It is this knowledge he provides to the community and uses to make his entries and exits. He has carried this experience over to the crypto currency market and has done very well for himself.

Steve also enjoys the futures market and has found great success in applying his knowledge there as well in shorter term trades.

Steve has owned several different businesses over the years and has extensive experience in building startups into profitable ventures to be sold to potential long-term investors.

Steve also uses his ability to apply analysis to companies and stocks in the crypto currency space on whitepapers. Many newcomers to the community bring with them questions about different projects they have encountered. Steve along with several other members of the ALPHA EXCHANGE will break down whitepapers and the fundamentals and tokenomics within to keep the community up to date and safe from any projects that may be seeking to harm them. Steven is also a leader in the NFT space, He has traded multiple figures in the space, along with a few other ALPHA’S. They have done some consulting work to a few bigger projects to help them grow and be successful.

As crypto is a new and volatile space, within an emerging market sector, it is important that we as leaders protect our community members and direct them toward more sound investments.