Justin Curran (Vicengineer)

Justin Curran (Vicengineer)

Justin has worked in the post-secondary adult education sector for a decade, instructing at a local college in the field of Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology. Justin holds a Master of Applied Science in Mechanical Engineering with a Focus on Aerospace, a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering with a Minor in Business, and additional specializations in Electronics, Communications, and Power Electronics, as well as an Advanced Diploma in Electronic Technology, and a Diploma in Electronic and Computer Engineering with Renewable Energy Technology.

While pursuing his post-secondary education, Justin first got involved with cryptocurrency, specifically with Bitcoin mining and technology, in 2011 while running an engineering team at his university.

Justin has a background in R&D, working on several projects from Electrical Vehicles, Unmanned Experimental Air Vehicles, Small Satellite Design, and Smart Devices for Residential Power Distribution Monitoring.

In addition to Justin’s formal education, he has been an active investor in the stock market since 2014, looking to invest in developing sectors and forecasting base material for industrial usage.

Justin has a passion for the entrepreneurial spirit and has owned and operated a General Construction and Contracting Business since 2015, offering services for commercial and residential clients. Justin and his company specialize in residential renovations and open concept design, integrating efficiency, ergonomics, and clients’ lifestyles into their home’s renovations.

Justin has been an active and contributing member to the Alpha Exchange, offering community members and leveraging his background as an instructor to help break down and analyze complex topics in the cryptocurrency space.

Justin contributes nightly to the Alpha Exchange community offering insight into Technical Analysis of coins, White Paper Analysis, Technical Audits of crypto technology, guidance and support for beginners in the crypto space, and troubleshooting web 3.0 Layer 8 issues.